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Home us world politics business/finance technology health more topics education literature self-help science home » factors associated with thoracic spinal cord injury, lesion level and rotator cuff disorders title factors associated with thoracic spinal cord injury, lesion level and rotator cuff disorders author(s) sinnott, k a; milburn, p; mcnaughton, h pub. Date december 2000 source spinal cord;dec2000, vol. 38 issue 12, p748 source type academic journal doc. Type article abstract background: :the study was concerned with the secondary functional compromise persons with long-term paraplegia contend with, that has been shown to be associated with wheelchair use. viagra can women take Of particular interest was the relationship between the level of thoracic spinal cord injury (sci) and factors predisposing to rotator cuff disorders (rcd), one of the most common upper extremity musculoskeletal complications linked with long-term sci. generic viagra Disorders of these peri-articular structures have previously been associated with impaired trunk postural control and abnormal muscle strength ratios in both able-bodied groups and in paraplegic athletes. Despite their neurologically intact shoulder joint musculature, high-level and low-level paraplegics have different degrees of trunk and pelvic stability available to them during activities of daily living (adl). buy viagra canada This fundamental functional anatomical difference between high-level and low-level paraplegics had not previously been related to the diagnosis of rcd in a non-athletic long-term paraplegic population. viagra without a doctor prescription Methods: :a descriptive cross sectional study was undertaken to demonstrate the differences in the prevalence of clinically diagnosed rcd in a high-level (n=22) and a low-level (n=20) group of persons with long-term paraplegia. viagra effective dose Any perceived differences were then related to the functional anatomical variations between the two groups. where can i buy viagra locally without a prescription Inferences were made based on factors predisposing to rcd known to exist among both able-bodied and paraplegic athletes. The 42 subjects completed the wheelchair user's shoulder pain index (wuspi) to establish the presence or absence of shoulder pain and the musculoskeletal function assessment (mfa) instrument to determine differences in functional ability and perceived degree of difficulty within five categories of adl. Each participant underwent a clinical examination using validated provocative clinical tests and isometric muscle strength ratio testing. can i take 40mg viagra Results: :there was a... Accession # 8920129 tags: paraplegia;  shoulder joint -- rotator. generic viagra online viagra cost

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